How I Passed the ACSM CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) Exam 2014!

Once I decided that the golden standard (ACSM) was the route I was going, I constantly researched ways to study. As one finds out, there are no straight forward study guides with tests after each chapter, number of chapters read and pair with the other books, etc. Its just buy the books study however you want, or in whatever order, pay for the test and the rest is history.

I first started my research by looking at people's videos and previous blog posts on how they passed. One of the problems was that many of them had taken the exam right before they recently updated the exam and books. SO, even though their advice did help some way or another, there was still less guidance than I wanted. 

Next I started to search the hashtag acsm on instagram, and everytime I saw someone's picture of their certification I would message and ask for study advice. The problem I ran into with that, while being helpful, was that many of them had majored in Exercise Science and muh :( My other method was also becoming a member of ACSM CPT groups which was a great idea because I met people who were just as lost as I was Haha but others who were support for us.

I had my books for probably a year studying on and off in which most info probably left my mind once I picked it up again. I seriously started I guess you would say in the summer and even then wasn't consistent enough as I wanted. Friends had recommended paying for a test date and that would push me which it did (I had finally had money so a payed it for the next month)! Below I also listed some resources + methods I used to help me.

  • Read Resource Book once
  • Read the 3day study guide (ACSM session) with practice test (got from friend)
  • Made index cards of Most important Especially Risk factors^
  • Did case studies and Practice Test from Cert Review Book
  • Categorized the questions wrong from cert review into each domain and put them order from most I got wrong to least
  • Used Prep U to first focus on the domains that I didn't do so well then others (Also got from another friend, wish I had earlier or myself because he had did so many his masters level was up high and it wasn't variating the questions as much as i wanted)(Many question were on test of the ones I got)
  • Used CertMantra Cpt (for android) and did all sets of questions, reviewed them, and did mock test few times (Definitely had a lot of questions that were on test)
  • Quizlet has some index cards, examples below:
  • Check out ACSM Job Analysis and definitely do the research I did for help!
  • Also maybe this list of things to know I found here
  • If you an consistent studier give your self at least 3 months, But if your on and off like me, allow more time.

I heard the Group Instructor one is easier so I think I'm going to get the book and go for that one next month!