I had it all planned out. Pass my Certified Personal Training Exam on time and I would purchase a ticket to my first ACSM Fall Conference. It Worked!

On the weekend of November 13th I attended my the ACSM Fall Conference at the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence Rhode Island themed  "Exploring New Frontiers In Sports Medicine". I awakened that morning excited about the programs I had already planned to attend and the multitude of people I would see. Would I understand the presentations? Would I stick out in the crowd? These were questions I asked myself as i traveled through the cold winds of Providence as I Newly Certified Personal Trainer.

I arrived to the registration table picking up my name tag, grinning as I pinned it on my lapel. I looked & walked around in amazement at the many tables that graced the perimeter of the lobby. The tables on display ranged from historic colleges such as Springfield and SCSU to Certification Associations such as the National Strength & Conditioning Association and Perform Better.

As the weekend progressed I made my way to my various chosen sessions, adjusting the selections as needed. Here is a list of the programs I attended:

Metabolic Exercise Techniques for the Pre-Diabetes to Diabetes- This session detailed the subtle effects of blood sugar spikes/drops and the importance of taking certain precautions before and during exercise in addition to working with those who already have complications of Diabetes.

Coach V.S Trainer- This session compared and contrasted the differences in being someone's trainer and being their coach. The value of coach over trainer was highlighted here with tips on how to connect more with your clients to help guide them through the path instead of simply directing them

Exercise Prescription for Clients with CoMorbidities- This session provided us with resources online that could aid our research to develop exercise plans that addresses the majority of our clients clinical needs. It also highlighted the importance of research and updated guidelines in exercise prescription.

Other sessions attended included: Tips to make social media more social, Youth Physical Activity Academic Performance & Interactive Tech, Oh my Aching Back Ex Rx Do's and Donts, Ground based Strength Training for Clinical Populations, and What's next Graduate & Career Options.

Even though I felt a little out of place with the many groups of students majoring in Exercise Science in their respective college, I still enjoyed the conference a great deal and can't wait for the next one.