Working at Gold's Gym

Hello All! Here's an update that is well overdue.

Guess what? I got hired for Member Services at Gold's Gym in Pawtucket RI! I've currently been working here since December and loving every minute of it. No longer are the dreadful days of wondering am I going to get more hours at flatbread..well I still work there actually.

I am so relieved to finally find a job in the environment I want to develop my career. It was hard sticking through for a year+ of struggling with bills, stressing, and the constant coercion to move back home. However I am glad I stayed strong and focused on what my goal was and continued to try and try again.

I have learned so much about the organization of running a gym and how little tasks can greatly influence the bigger picture. Lets dive into my job responsibilities: As a Member of Member Services I am one of many responsible for the front desk operation and organization. This includes making sure members check in with their keycards, answering phones, giving the correct paperwork to visitors interested in membership, interpreting account adjustments or making shakes at the shake-bar (which are delicious), amongst other tasks. 

The Staff: I have met a lot cool coworkers here and could say I have established myself as the jokester. Interaction with the staff is great and our conversations makes the job even more fun. The hobbies they have are also intriguing from musicians to athletes, IT, and aspiring trainers. Even though this isn't exactly the position I dreamed of, its the position that will give me the experience, development, and opportunity I need to flourish.

The Gym+Members: The gym has an amazing atmosphere of dedicated members who you quickly become familiar with as they commit consistently to their health. Being my first commercial gym to even be active in, it amazes me at the age range of the people who come in on a daily basis showing that a healthy lifestyle is truly achievable. This 24hr/4d gym features state of the art cardio & strength training equipment, great quality rubber-padded dumbbells, a turf section for functional training, stretching room, hydro massage, tanning, and more amenities. Including this they also have a full weekly schedule of classes ranging from yoga to high intensity cardio+strength.

I can't wait to dive into other opportunities at the gym and continue on to becoming a trainer there as well!