Actually Personal Training !


So many of you guys may have seen my posts on facebook/instagram/twitter but besides teaching Bodyvive twice a week, working at Flatbread on sundays, and working at Gold's Gym Desk 3x a week ....I'm finally Personal Training 3x a week. I got hired for an outsource Personal Training company this past July and began after my trip to Ghana. This company works within gyms who don't own their own Personal Training department; So depending on the location of the company the employees may be at different gyms.

You can probably see why I'm stressing over learning my tracks for the new launch. Overall, it has been a great experience working with people from different walks of life; some old, some young, English speaking and not so much, even partner sessions. Most of my sessions are only 30 minutes long and many are looking for fat loss so I have to use my knowledge to give them the best workout in a short amount of time. 

I've have dedicated clients to come in after long days at work and some who reschedule a lot because of work. With or without problems I appreciate the job because it gives me experience with handling issues on the spot whether its modifying exercises, figuring out scheduling, or developing new ways to handle injuries or missing equipment.

I also have other opportunities I'm currently exploring yet one problem has been a unfortunately major deciding factor...Travel. Not having a car can make a 10 minute drive a 1 hour bus ride. A year or so ago I was struggling with no job opportunities in my field. Now I'm struggling to figure out which job, with getting to and from work efficiently being one of the issues. I'm not sure if most my employees know I don't have a car because I try not to make that a big issue; I know I have to sacrifice to pursue my dream and if that means a 30 minute walk from work then....I guess I better stretch.