LesMills BodyVive Certified & Release 34 Launch

Wow who would have thought I would be here now! Reminiscing back to the day I stood at the front desk and listened in to my coworker discuss the upcoming training and randomly deciding I would attend. It has been about 5 months since we attend training and have been teaching class. Through all the rough times learning choreography and video re-tapes we are both finally internationally certified! 

Its been an amazing experience being able to call myself a Group Exercise Instructor and Certified Personal Trainer ( not at Golds ). There were a few rocks on the trail toward this launch such as my co-instructor suffering though wisdom teeth removal resulting in me teaching 3-4 weeks alone. This helped me test my ability on whether I could confidently present the tracks correctly, maintain or increase interest in the class, and prepare for my video submittal. 

All in all, this weekend will be our official launch of release 34 with 12 new tracks and new choreography. I didn't realize every 3 months I'd be stressing all over again on memorizing new moves; glad I don't have to video anymore. However I'm excited to present such great music and continue toward finding my learning niche. Who knows maybe I'll train to instruct another class :)