Teamwork, Building Bikes, and giving back!


I should probably write these the day they happen right? I'm trying to write blogs more and more so I think about what I want to write about yet It takes me a day or 2 to actually start it.  

This past Wednesday I did another brand ambassador job with a staff company that involved team-building activities at a conference for Ted's Montana Grill. Ted's Montana Grill is an American restaurant chain co-founded by Ted Turner and George W. McKerrow. Here at this conference were 46 employees from various locations around the country joining together to learn how continue the success of their restaurants.

Why was I there? Well the organization i was working for that day of an organization call Impact 4 Good. Impact 4 Good provides facilitators to conduct activities that increase team interaction & participation, build camaraderie, and ethical values, all while giving back to the community. This community driven activity chosen for today was bike build for charity. Our job, the brand ambassadors, was to lead teams through various team building games to complete before the finale which would be the bike build. Some of the stations we facilitated were:

  • Building the tallest standing Jenga tower
  • Team crossing the pond without letting go of any stone
  • Trivia
  • Weave and Shoot soccer competition ( Which I manned) 

It was fun watching the employees in slacks race against time to score as many goals as they could in the soccer game. After all 16 teams completed their rotations of activities they returned to their table to unbox their bike and begin their build. Each table of 5/6 had their own new bike to build and complete along with technicians roaming who would correct anything wrong and review the bikes afterwards to make sure their were safe.

Here comes the best part! All 16 of these bikes were built to be donated to an all girls organization called I am B.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. I am Beautiful is a nonprofit organization that engages girls in interactive learning experiences designed to build self esteem and strong leadership skills to help girls and women live B.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l lives inside and out. Those 16 girls arrived at the end of the build and were presented each with their own bike, helmet, and personalized note from the team that built it. The smiles on their faces and the employees was the best part of the day and I was glad I applied for this opportunity. If you want to learn more about the restaurant, team building organization, or I am Beautiful please check out the links below!  


I am Beautiful:

Ted's Montana Grill: