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NEW VENTURE - Les Mills BodyVive 3.1 Instructor & Launch Day at Gym!

In case you don't know, Les Mills International (based in New Zealand) is the world's largest providers of Exercise to Music choreographed group fitness classes distributed to health clubs. One of their programs, BodyVive 3.1, is a low impact full body cross training workout class that incorporates cardio, functional strength, balance and core all in one. This class is generally marketed toward women in their 30-40's who don't have much time in their schedule to workout.

I knew none of this when I decided to become an Instructor! It was just another day at the gym when a coworker began mentioning the upcoming instructor training and how she would be interested in going. Desiring anything that could get me more experience training, I said " Oh I'll do it with you!" Before I knew it my bank showed $90 less and I was scheduled to attend training in 3 weeks. 

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I arrived to the registration table picking up my name tag, grinning as I pinned it on my lapel. I looked & walked around in amazement at the many tables that graced the perimeter of the lobby. The tables on display ranged from historic colleges such as Springfield and SCSU to Certification Associations such as the National Strength & Conditioning Association and Perform Better.

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