When I first started working out I was worried I would not put my all into my health because I did not encourage myself. My goals for training was to become more involved with my exercise needs, stop binge eating, and just be overall healthy. Since training with Hosea, I have been able to cut down on my bad eating habits and I began to start taking more control over my health. Not only did he give me advice for my workouts, but also gave advice to create healthier eating habits and create a healthier state of mind. Now I’m working on being more comfortable working out around people and will be participating in a health challenge at my job. -Nichelle

A hispanic mid-20’s woman who wants to grasp control of her over-eating , lose weight while getting stronger and happier. Sometimes work and her family gets the best of her and she doesnt have the balance to focus on her health needs as much as she likes.


I was a bit skeptical and apprehensive before I began working out with Hosea. After about 2 months of working with my old trainer I was being switched because of scheduling and was unsure what to expect and how the change would affect my workouts. Starting off my goals were to achieve a smaller waist and create better workouts and diet habits. Hosea quickly made me feel comfortable because he shared his journey and encouraged me. After working with Hosea for some time I achieved my goal of achieving a smaller waist and decreasing my measurements overall. In addition, I was able to create better eating habits, incorporate strength training into my own routine, and even found a protein powder I like. Hosea has helped me stay motivated, train better, feel stronger, and healthier. He is fun, relatable, professional, friendly, encouraging, comfortable and I appreciate every second I got to work with him. - Jenn

An African-American in her mid-20’s who wants to create better workout habits to share a healthy lifestyle with her husband and prepare for a future family. She has already experienced having a personal trainer and wants to continue to incorporate other ways to exercise.