Emotions trickling from the Scale to my Tear Ducts

As I stood on the scale, I watched the numbers bounce around just like they did on biggest loser as they awaited their fate on whether or not they got to stay another week. Funny I used to say I wanted to be on biggest loser, even looking up the casting to see how to apply. Even to this day I still want to be on the show but not as a contestant anymore, but as a trainer.

The scale stopped, digitized at 192.2 but wait it had to clear so it could balance to the floor I had just placed it on. I got off and then back on once the scale cleared, the final number was 189.6. I stood there as if time had frozen in awe, emotions trickling from the scale to my tear-ducts.

I could not remember when I was ever 189. Not even my freshman year in college was I that small and with this height to add. Wow thinking back to May this year (6months ago!), 233lbs seems so far away; 40lbs of fat and 2lbs muscle to be exact.

However I know its not as far away as it seems. I know as easy it was to back on the pounds year after year its still that easy to return. I will not let the scale define me but motivate me. I must constantly keep that a reminder not just of where I came from but which road not to travel again. Forgetting my history is repeating my history. I've come a long way but the journey will never be over because thats where it becomes a lifestyle and not a temporary moment.