NEW VENTURE - Les Mills BodyVive 3.1 Instructor & Launch Day at Gym!

In case you don't know, Les Mills International (based in New Zealand) is the world's largest providers of Exercise to Music choreographed group fitness classes distributed to health clubs. One of their programs, BodyVive 3.1, is a low impact full body cross training workout class that incorporates cardio, functional strength, balance and core all in one. This class is generally marketed toward women in their 30-40's who don't have much time in their schedule to workout.

I knew none of this when I decided to become an Instructor! It was just another day at the gym when a coworker began mentioning the upcoming instructor training and how she would be interested in going. Desiring anything that could get me more experience training, I said " Oh I'll do it with you!" Before I knew it my bank showed $90 less and I was scheduled to attend training in 3 weeks.

A week later we got our training materials online and went through the process of downloading the materials then, our own grieving process of whether or not it was possible for us to learn the two music choreography tracks in time to give great presentations. As the time sped by and we got closer to the date, we worried more, practiced more at home+work, and prepped for the worst. In a flash the day came and sadly we were down one teammate due to a ghastly sickness.

Nevertheless, we were on the road listening to our tracks, repeating our safety cues in our head, counting the movements with the tap of our toes. We arrived 15 minutes before the beginning of day 1 and walked into the gym greeting the other instructors in training. Weeks prior I already noted that I would be the only male there but gladly our head instructor was also male. 

The day began by chatting with the instructor about our goals to achieve from the training and what to expect for track presentations today. Soon after it was time for a masterclass where members of the home gym were allowed to have their first taste of the program that would soon grace their gym. While some completed the 45minute version of class we were required to continue with the 55 minute version.

The day continued with discussions on coaching our class, cuing movements, all mixed in with practicing our techniques and tracks throughout the day. From 8am-6pm we listened and practiced until every bone and muscle in our body was drained. Throughout the day my mind yelled "This is not just for women?!" and my lower back yelled "If only you had not messed up your lower back less than a week before training."

After ending day 1 with our track presentations, critique, and overview of our final assessment we were off to eat, practice, & nap. My coworker & I made a plan to eat a hearty meal, sleep for an hour then practice...even though that nap turned into 2 hours. We awoke and begun our routine of practicing for about two hours critiquing each other and hoping for at least a 2/3 on our assessment. 1/3 meant we would probably need to attend the training again, 2/3 we were qualified to team teach until our video submittal in 2 months, and 3/3 meant we could solo teach until our final submittal.

Day 2 came around and we learned more about becoming well rounded instructors and creating our own personality within the class to keep members coming back and things fresh. This was the final day and we had 2 opportunities to teach the second out of 2 tracks we were required to learn for the weekend. So again we exercised & exercised draining our body for a great score. Fast forward and I'm in line ready to approach the instructor for my final assessment score. As I hoped in my head for at least a 2, He spoke " I have awarded you a 3 out of 3."; I couldn't believe it.

With a smile from ear to ear I listened to his advice to prepare for my video submittal and then we were on our way. Now 2 weeks later I have learned that maybe as early as next month we might be launching the class at the gym. Uh oh a new episode of nerves are about to kick in as I learn the remainder 10 tracks in preparation of our launch!