ACSM Conference #2 Check!

What's up guys!

This past week I attended my second ACSM Conference aiding in completing my Continuing Education Credit Requirements. Let me Explain...

In order to keep my certification valid every 3 years I must receive 45 credits through lectures, classes, conferences and other educational materials. Many other professions have this even Doctors. The reasoning is because as time passes, new research is constantly finding new ways to efficiently help our communities and some things that we may have recommended in the past becomes old news. By continuing to educate yourselves you get the new research, new methods, and learn how to separate that from the latest crazes that sweep the media.

I've realized what better way to share some of things I learned than to blog about them?! So over the next week or so I will be posting my notes from the sessions I attended over the 2 days ranging from Exercise induced Asthma and how much protein is truly efficient for supplementation. And don't worry it will be least I think so :)