Les Mills BodyVive Halloween Launch Spooktacular

Well, it is now October 2015 and Wendee and I have been teaching Bodyvive for about 8 months! Wow has it been an experience being able to connect with our participants every week, challenging their bodies and ours as well. There has been times when we were a little tired, not feeling well, or one had to miss out for a day yet we continued to put our best foot forward to maintain our connection with our audience. 

Thinking back about our training, I realize that our own bodies have also come a long way. I feel stronger and leaner and everyone says it as well. Getting to Wendee, just yesterday she was screaming "omg whats this thing on my shoulder why is it like that?! I hilariously said "Wendee its your traps, your getting stronger, calm down." 

We are arriving at our 3rd launch this Halloween and can I tell you I am STRESSING! I'm so busy with all the other projects/job in my life I haven't even practiced the new music and choreo and we have 2 WEEKS! Even though I haven't found my learning niche yet I love the switch up as it help me challenge different parts of my body and keeps things fresh. If your in Providence make sure you check out our launch Halloween Bodyvive 8am and more 30 minute samplers throughout the day!